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Occasionally Cake of Old Town Alexandria needs diapers as part of the Northern Virginia Family Service Diaper Drive. Customers can drop off diapers from Sat., May 4 through Mother’s Day, Sun., May 12, and be entered to win a Mommy and Me Cupcake Decorating Class, to be held on Tues., May 14 at 5 p.m. Three winners will be chosen from a raffle drawing.  Call (703) 647-9638 or visit www.occasionallycake.com for more information.

The Mommy and Me Cupcake decorating will be taught by owner, Sabrina Campbell, mom of two daughters and soon-to-be son. She will discuss cupcake decorating techniques, creativity and tips for parent and child.

Bernard R. Wolfe Named in Top 400 Financial Advisors in America

Bernard R. Wolfe Named in Top 400 Financial Advisors in America


Bernard R. Wolfe & Associates, Inc., announces that Bernard R. Wolfe has been named in the Top 400 Financial Advisors of America. The nomination comes from a special report by Financial Times, a leader in the financial news industry for 125 years. The company used a non-subjective approach to obtaining financial advisor information from the 40 largest U.S. broker-dealers.

“It’s an honor to have made the list of the top 400 financial advisors in the country,” explains Bernard R. Wolfe, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM and owner of Bernard R. Wolfe & Associates, Inc., a company that specializes in offering wealth management strategies. “We are doing what we love, and to receive this type of acknowledgement for it is great.”

Former Culpeper Cop Sentenced To 36 Months In Prison

CULPEPER, Va. (WUSA9) -- The former Culpeper police officer convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of a housewife, was finally sentenced today. 

Judge Susan Whitlock imposed the sentenced recommended by the jury, which adds up to 3 years behind bars.

It was crime that rocked the small historic town of Culpeper, a police officer shoots and killed an unarmed housewife. Today, the case ended with Daniel Harmon wright asking the family of Patricia cook for forgiveness and the judge for leniency.

One last time, Daniel Harmon Wright was escorted in handcuffs to the Culpeper Courthouse.  His first sentencing was postponed because of last minutes motions filed by his lawyer.  Daniel  Hawes argued today that killing of Patricia Cook, who was shot six times as she fled in her jeep wrangle was lawful because his client was just doing his job.

Officials: Teen Caught With 2 Pipe Bombs in Md.

CHEVY CHASE, Md. (WUSA9) -- A 19-year-old has been indicted on two counts after he was caught with two pipe bombs in a duffel bag, officials said. 

Kyle G. Druckemiller, 19, of Chevy Chase was indicted on two counts of manufacturing and possessing destructive devices. He can spend up to 25 years in prison and/or $250,000 in fines, officials said. 

"Today's Grand Jury indictment reflects the seriousness of the crime. In light of the tragic events in Boston we must be ever vigilant to protest our residents," Ramon Korionoff, spokesman for the State's Attorney for Montgomery County's office said in a press release. 

Publisher, photographer probed over topless Kate photos

Publisher, photographer probed over topless Kate photos

PARIS (AP) - French prosecutors have placed the publisher and photographer of unauthorized topless snaps of Prince William's wife, Kate, under formal criminal investigation, they said Thursday.

Caroline Chassain, spokeswoman for the Nanterre prosecutor, said that Mondadori Magazines France and local photographer Valerie Suau were placed under investigation earlier this month over possible criminal exploitation of the images, which appeared in the French Closer magazine last September.

The photos showed the duchess of Cambridge relaxing at a private villa in Provence, in southern France, sometimes without her bikini top and, in one case, her suit bottom partially pulled down to apply sunscreen.

Chassain added that Suau's employer, local newspaper La Provence, was also placed under formal criminal investigation on Monday, but she did not elaborate.

The investigation will likely take months to complete.

Police Ask For Help In Robbery Investigation

Police Ask For Help In Robbery Investigation

Bethesda, Md. (WUSA9) -- An armed bank robbery in Montgomery County is still being investigated and with no new leads, detectives are turning to the public.

Police say a suspect wearing a "dark blue jacket, a light green button up, gloves and a Halloween mask" robbed M&T bank off of Seven Locks Road on December 22, 2012 in the early morning," police said in the news release. 

The suspect walked into the bank, intimidated the teller with a small black handgun and left with an "undisclosed amount of cash," police said.

The robber is described as an "unknown race male, over 6'0'' tall, with a medium build." Investigators are urging anyone who may have tips about this incident to come forward and contact the Robbery Section at 240-773-5100, police said.

5 Risk Factors to Consider Before Investing

5 Risk Factors to Consider Before Investing


Many people know how beneficial investing can be, in the long run. Yet we live in a time when our economy has people more fearful than they have usually been. One of the biggest things that holds people back when it comes to investing is fear. The idea of investing something without knowing what the return will be, or if there will even be one, can be daunting. Overcoming those risk-factor fears is a key to succeeding as an investor.