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Potholes along Connecticut Ave in Chevy Chase causing havoc

CHEVY CHASE, Maryland (WUSA9)-- We've been asking what drives you crazy about your commute on TELLWUSA9.COM. And we've gotten a lot of emails about potholes.

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But some along Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase got our attention. Especially after the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) told us they are quote, "On it."

There is the crater, northbound on Connecticut near Oxford Street. Hubcaps line the fence of a neighboring house.

A few hundred feet away, just south of Bradley Boulevard is another hint of things to come.  A hubcap leans against a pole near another deep hole in the middle lane.

Police: Man hit by car in DC

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A man was hit by a car in DC today, police said. 

The incident happened around 4:44 p.m. as the man was crossing Wisconsin Avenue NW at Veazey Street near the Psychiatric Institute.  The car hit the man and he was taken to the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the car remained on the scene, police said.

Police believe the man did not appear to be on a crosswalk when the incident happened. 

Md. school test exclusions raise questions

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - While Maryland public schools scored above national averages on a recent national reading assessment, the state had blocked more than half of English language learners and students with learning disabilities from taking the test.

The Washington Post reports Maryland excluded 62 percent of students in the two categories from the fourth-grade reading test. The state blocked 60 percent of those students from taking the eighth-grade reading test.

Maryland's exclusion rate was more than double that of any other state on the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress. The board overseeing the test has set a goal that states exclude just 15 percent of learning-disabled and English language learners.

#GiveJoy to a child for the holiday season

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- LOG ON TO http://www.wusa9.com/givejoy to donate a toy or money to children via "Volunteers of America." 

Jan Jeffcoat is out on assignment and it's a GREAT assignment! Jan's in Prince George's County helping to kick off our holiday virtual toy drive!

WUSA9 has teamed up with the Volunteers of America Chesapeake on a new one-of-a-kind holiday campaign called "Give Joy" and it gives you a chance to help needy kids and families this holiday season with the click of a button. We're calling it a JOY DRIVE and you can buy a toy, donate or just send a holiday message virtually - from home, from work, from anywhere!

Between now and mid December Jan and the whole team here at wusa 9 will be bringing you stories about the people you can help. If you follow her on Twitter @JanJeffcoat you can get live twitter updates.

Tow sign size law gets granny tow truck justice

Washington, DC (WUSA9) -- Despite our investigations and changes in Maryland law, some tow truck drivers just don't get it.

Before they can legally tow, Maryland law requires tow companies to replace the previous standard tow warning signs with much larger (24" by 30") new signs - but some are still towing despite invalid signs.

Have you been towed illegally? Tweet @russptacek on Twitter, or like Russ Ptacek on Facebook.

It happened to an 80-year-old grandmother.  A towing company towed her coming and going - and WUSA9's investigative team got her money back after she contacted us.

Police investigate attempted child abduction in Md.

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. (WUSA9) -- Police are investigating an attempted child abduction case in Md. 

The incident happened around 5:15 p.m. at the 200 block of Cabin Branch Road. The victim said that a man had walked up to him, asked him if he wanted any candy that he had it in his van. The victim tried to walk away and the suspect attempted to grab him by the jacket. He then freed himself and ran to Central High School and called police. 

Police describe the suspect a middle-aged black male, 6'0" tall with a skinny build and balding hair. He was wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans and black boots. He was seen driving a black mini-van.

Anyone with information is asked to call Police at at 301-772-4910.

WUSA9 Probe: Montgomery Co. speedcam loophole

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A WUSA9 investigation casts new doubt on Montgomery County's speed camera program, a system that racks up millions in revenue, because there is no evidence some sites were ever published.

Our list of unpublished sites:

Ridge Road, Damascus
8000 Midcounty Highway, Gaithersburg
8100 Midcounty Highway, Gaithersburg
West Old Baltimore Road (eastbound), Boyds
West Old Baltimore Road (westbound), Boyds
18500 block of Barnesville Road in Barnesville

In August, after our investigation began, Montgomery County published all of its speedcam locations, including the ones we identified, both on its website and in a published newspaper public notice.

WUSA9 Investigates is asking why Montgomery County isn't handing out refunds after uncovering evidence that put into question the compliance of at least five cameras prior to that new publication.