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Affordable Time Saving School Lunches That Are Easy To Prepare | News

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Affordable Time Saving School Lunches That Are Easy To Prepare

CHEVY CHASE, Md. (WUSA) -- The average family spends $4 to $5 a day to pay for their child's school lunch.  For picky eaters, that means money down the drain.

Aviva Goldfarb knows how challenging it can be to prepare a satisfying lunch for her school-aged children and save at the same time.

"I pack a waste-free lunch which is a time saver, and a money saver, and it's also better for the planet," she says.

Aviva packs her waste-free lunches for a paltry price tag, all under two dollars.

She says, "We have this great tortellini lunch for $1.82.  And over here, we have our black bean and corn salsa with a Burrito for only $1.76."

You may ask yourself how is this Chevy Chase author and mom of two able to prepare these tasty midday meals so cheaply.  She says it's easy, and you can do it, too.

"Instead of buying all those little packages, buying bigger containers and filling your own packages is a big money saver," she says.

One of her tricks, don't buy baby carrots, get the larger ones.

"And chopping them, it's a lot cheaper.  So, there are a lot of ways you shave dollars off of your budget," says Aviva.

Add some pizzazz to a favorite classic most kids love to eat.

"A peanut butter and jelly on whole grain bread lunch for $1.74. Make it even healthier with some Teddy Grahams, ahh, low fat string cheese," she says.

Throw in some celery, a banana, and fill up a reusable water bottle.

You'll save even more if you replace the plastic baggie with dishwasher safe colorful cloth pouches.

Aviva says, "You can even write their name on them so they won't get lost."

Don't waste money brown bagging their lunch, stick it in freezer friendly bags, and keep the food chilled.

She says, "You don't have to sacrifice taste and health, good nutrition to get what your kids want.  And, you certainly don't have to sacrifice your budget."