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A Bethesda Bakery Guaranteed to Spark Your Fancy | Business

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A Bethesda Bakery Guaranteed to Spark Your Fancy
A Bethesda Bakery Guaranteed to Spark Your Fancy

You may have heard of Fancy Cakes by Leslie on the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes or on TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off.  Maybe you’ve read about how Fancy Cakes by Leslie prepared a Birthday Cake for Marc Anthony and J.Lo for Marc’s 41st Birthday in People Magazine or The Washington Post. Regardless of where or what you’ve heard about them, it all means nothing until you try it for yourself.  The proof is in the pudding—oops, I mean batter.

“I’ve been making cakes for 15 years,” says Leslie Poyourow, owner and decorator. “I started as a hobbyist. I always loved to bake, but was uncertain about how to do the decorating piece. I took a couple of classes and then basically the rest is history because I became very passionate about it and I still love it.”

If you think the only things you’re going to get from Fancy Cakes By Leslie are some baked goods, you’re quite mistaken. The bakery offers a plethora of classes ranging from kids to adult that makes baking fun; and for a limited time, Fancy Cakes by Leslie is offering walk through tours. Forget watching how a bakery is run on a scripted television show--Poyourow invites you to come in and smell the goods baking, watch as she and her staff hand decorate cakes, and see what really goes on. 

“The whole tour idea came about because I have a friend and he said that he had an art show and they did an art walk and it was a lot of fun,” explains Poyourow. “So we were talking and I said, ‘well, I would love to have the locals in and let them do some kind of a tour of the bakery and let them see exactly what we do.' When we do the tours, I explain to people the machinery, equipment, and exactly what we do. Also as cake shows began airing and cupcakes gained popularity, people began to have a greater interest in what goes on behind the scenes.”

If you want to come check it out for yourself, Fancy Cakes by Leslie is located is bustling downtown Bethesda at 4939 Elm Street, Bethesda, Md. 20814. (301) 652-9390

Cupcakes start at $3.25 a cupcake with mini cakes starting at $15. A menu can be seen here.