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Chevy Chase Breaks Ground on the Brookville Road Sidewalk | Community Spirit

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Chevy Chase Breaks Ground on the Brookville Road Sidewalk

The public is invited to the October 2 Groundbreaking Event at 9:00 a.m.

Chevy Chase Village will officially break ground on the Brookville Road Sidewalk Project on Saturday, October 2, at 9:00 a.m. The groundbreaking will take place along the sidewalk’s path located in front of the Brookville Road Park at the intersection of Brookville Road and Quincy Street. The current effort to install a pedestrian sidewalk along Brookville Road began five years ago in response to residents’ requests for a sidewalk alongBrookville Road between East Irving Street and the existing sidewalk installed by the Village of Martin’s Additions. The installation of this sidewalk is fully funded by revenues from Chevy Chase Village’s SafeSpeed Program (photo speed monitoring cameras).

In September 2005, the Board of Managers created the Brookville Road Working Group. Comprised of residents from throughout the Village, the Working Group was charged to work with staff, the Board and residents abutting Brookville Road to develop a sidewalk proposal that could receive approval from all required State and County agencies and, more importantly, address the safety concerns of residents in the community. The Working Group and staff also worked to design a sidewalk that would have the least possible impact on those properties that directly abut the roadway.

The new sidewalk will be installed using “gravelpave”. “Gravelpave” is a honeycomb base material in which gravel is inserted. The gravel allows the sidewalk to be pervious, while the honeycomb base provides the rigidity necessary to withstand wheelchair and stroller wheels. You will not see the honeycomb base when the grey colored gravel is in place.

To accommodate the sidewalk along this narrow roadway, several of the abutting residents were asked to enter into temporary or perpetual easement agreements because the sidewalk would either be on their property or the construction of the sidewalk would require activity on their property. Property owners along Brookville Road were overwhelmingly supportive of the project and willingly allowed use of their property for the installation of this sidewalk. These property owners’ generosity is commendable in supporting a project to benefit the surrounding community.

The Board, members of the Brookville Road Working Group and Village staff would also like to extend our deepest appreciation to the residents along Brookville Road who agreed to donate a portion of their property to permit the installation of the sidewalk and to the Brookville Road Working Group for all of its work and support over the past five (5) years to make Brookville Road and the Village safer for all.