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Rock Creek Forest Elementary School in Chevy Chase gets Safety Upgrades | News

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Rock Creek Forest Elementary School in Chevy Chase gets Safety Upgrades
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The Gazette reports that there are new pedestrian safety improvements along Grubb Road, intended to benefit Rock Creek Forest Elementary School and the surrounding Chevy Chase community, are expected to slow drivers traveling from Washington, D.C.

Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett announced Tuesday $15,000 in upgrades between the lanes of traffic near the school. The flat median, where pedestrians can wait to finish crossing traffic, resulted in narrower lanes, which the county hopes will slow traffic. The county also added a marked crosswalk, school crossing signs, "stop for pedestrian" signs, lane markings and raised pavement markers.

The county took action on the request of the school's parent-teacher association.

"It just calls attention to drivers who are heading north out of D.C.," said David Chia, the school's principal. "It just reminds them – well, you might see that green light, but there could be kids crossing."

Pedestrian safety has long been a concern among school officials and parents. Chia said that over the past five years, the school has implemented several temporary solutions, such as cameras that post the speed at which drivers are traveling to alert them to slow down, and fluorescent cones in the no parking areas near the school's entrance, to ensure parents do not park there and block traffic.

Chia said he is hopeful the median and signs will provide more permanent traffic control.

The school is across the street from the Rock Creek Shopping Center and near Grubb Road's intersection with East West Highway.

The county's department of transportation clocked 38 percent of vehicles traveling at 30 mph or more and 7 percent of vehicles traveling 35 mph or more on the road, which has a limit of 25 mph.

One pedestrian collision and six property damage collisions occurred on Grubb Road between Blaine Drive and Colston Drive between January 2005 and the end of June 2010.

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