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Footloose Pre-Screening at Mazza Gallerie | Arts & Culture

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Footloose Pre-Screening at Mazza Gallerie
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 Footloose Pre-Screening at Mazza Gallerie

Everybody cutloose? The remake of the popular 80’s movie, Footloose, "dances" into theaters on Friday, October 14th, but I caught a pre-screening at Mazza Galerie in Chevy Chase on Tuesday night. The audience seemed to enjoy the movie especially since some hadn’t seen the original. (gasp)

“The movie was very entertaining. We walked away feeling good,” said Joann Yahya.

When you think Footloose, most people think of dancing king, Kevin Bacon, in a tight white tee and black Chuck Taylors or his maroon colored suit  dancing to the Kenny Loggins hit.

Dancer, Kenny Wormald, has replaced Bacon, but the story line hasn’t changed much. The main character, Ren MacCormack, moves to a small town and discovers that dancing and loud music has been outlawed. Ren challenges the ban and falls in love with the minister’s daughter.
 A few differences include the movie being set in the fictional town of Bomont, GA, instead of Bomont, Utah; the tractor scene, which is now a race between old school buses; and, instead of a tape player, Ren uses an ipod to play music in his newly acquired yellow VW bug known as a “fixer upper.”

Though he originally auditioned for the lead role, Miles Teller  was cast the supporting role as Ren MacCormack's right hand man, Willard. This role made famous by the late Chris Penn was on point for Teller and I believe he had a stand out performance. His funny personality stole the show.

The acting and dancing is much better in the 1984 flick in my opinion but overall I enjoyed the re-make. Anything with good music that can make me dance in my seat and get my mind off of reality for almost two hours is ok in my book. Although, I probably wouldn’t pay to see it in the theaters. Wait for it on Redbox.


*Pictured above at Tuesday night's pre-screening: Donna Williams, Joann Yahya, Tennyson Palmer, and Michelle Eastwood.

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