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Spring Cleaning Begins On The Inside | Community Spirit

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Spring Cleaning Begins On The Inside
Spring Cleaning Begins On The Inside


The following information was sent to us by Deborah Knuckey:

Bethesda’s Purée Artisan Juice Bar™ has partnered with Bradley Wellness to offer a guided juice cleanse which kicked off Sunday, February 19  with a workshop on how to prepare for the cleanse. The participants received guidance as they prepared for a three days juice fast that runs from Thursday 23 through Saturday 26 and is followed by a post cleanse workshop.

Amy Waldman, Founder of Purée and a self-confessed “Juice Junkie” has partnered with Karen Bradley, a Certified Nutritional Consultant, to hold the program.

“Many people want to try a cleanse but don’t know where to begin,” said Waldman, “A group cleanse is a great way to both understand the process better and gain the support of a like minded community throughout the cleanse.”

“We’re excited to pair Purée’s three day organic juice cleanse package with Karen’s nutritional coaching for our first group cleanse because we believe the combination will make it fun, educational and easy,” she said.

Participants will receive a three-day supply of 100% organic juices that are prepared in a way that maximizes their nutritional value. Each day’s menu includes Easy Green (apple, kale, cucumber and lemon), Mean Lemonade (alkaline water, lemon, cayenne, coconut nectar), Green Goddess (spinach, romaine, kale, cucumber and lemon), vanilla almond milk, carrot juice, coconut water, and plus beet and ginger shots.

Purée Artisan Juice Bar™ offers vegan juices and shakes using local, organic produce and the purest, unprocessed ingredients, and offering raw, vegan snacks. Purée uses the Norwalk™ Juice Press, a cold-pressed fruit, vegetable and nut juicer that results in a significantly greater amount of nutrients being extracted. Purée’s first location is at 4903 Elm St, Bethesda, Maryland. (301) 654-PURE. www.pureejucebar.com