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Jeffery Ericksen, MD, Regenerative Medicine Specialist, Joins the Kaplan Center in McLean, VA | Health

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Jeffery Ericksen, MD, Regenerative Medicine Specialist, Joins the Kaplan Center in McLean, VA
Jeffery Ericksen, MD, Regenerative Medicine Specialist, Joins the Kaplan Center in McLean, VA

McLean, VA - June 11, 2013 – “Jeffery Ericksen, MD, an expert in regenerative medicine, joined the Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine team, effective June 6, 2013,” announced Dr. Gary Kaplan, founder and director of the Center in McLean, VA.

Before joining the Kaplan Center, Dr. Ericksen served at the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Hospital as an Attending Physician and as the Director of the Hospital’s Interventional Pain Clinic and Polytrauma Network Site.  Dr. Ericksen also is holds an Associate Professorship at the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medical College’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  He has won numerous awards for excellence in teaching and for contributions to the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

According to Dr. Kaplan, “Dr. Ericksen is a nationally recognized expert in regenerative therapies such as dextrose prolotherapy, platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) therapy and stem-cell injections to treat degenerative joint pain.  Most importantly, having cared for military veterans for many years, he also understands the value of delivering comprehensive, coordinated medical care to patients living with chronic illness and pain.” 

Dr. Kaplan says he sees a wonderful fit between Dr. Ericksen’s professional expertise and goals and the Kaplan Center’s mission of delivering comprehensive and compassionate medical care to individuals suffering with long-standing pain and illness.  “Medical research continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of non-surgical regenerative therapies such as prolotherapy in treating many degenerative joint pain caused by injury, disease, and ordinary wear-and-tear,” says Kaplan.  “But, these regenerative injection therapies will be most effective only when any coexisting health problems such as a poor diet, inadequate sleep or even emotional trauma (all of which can contribute to bodily inflammation) also are addressed.  This is why we take a holistic approach with patients.”

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Ericksen has presented his own research at national and international medical conferences.  He has studied the biomechanics of older women’s sacroiliac joints and authored or co-authored nine biomedical research papers on Platelet Rich Plasma and other regenerative therapies.  His articles have been published in scholarly journals such as the International Journal of Biomaterials, the Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine and the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

On Thursday, June 13, from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM, the Kaplan Center will host a "Meet and Greet" at their office, located at 6829 Elm Street in McLean, so that local residents can visit the Center and have an opportunity to talk with Dr. Ericksen and other medical staff members.  Light refreshments will be served. 

About the Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine: For over 25 years, the Kaplan Center’s experienced and caring team of physicians, physical therapists, dietician, psychotherapists, and other healthcare providers have combined the best of conventional and alternative medicine practices to address patients’ chronic pain and illness and help them attain optimal health for life. To learn more about The Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine, please visit the website at www.kaplanclinic.com.