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Chevy Chase Burglary Suspects Captured

Chevy Chase Burglary Suspects Captured

Detectives from the 2nd District Investigative Section have been investigating a series of residential burglaries that have occurred throughout Chevy Chase.

On October 13, at approximately 2:18 a.m., 2nd District officers responded to a residence in the Farmington section of Chevy Chase for the report of a burglary that had just occurred.  The preliminary investigation determined that four suspects used stolen credit cards, at the Tenleytown McDonald’s restaurant in Washington, D. C., shortly after the burglary.

On October 28, at approximately 4:54 a.m., 2nd District officers responded to the area of West Lenox Street for the report of a burglary that had just occurred.  The preliminary investigation determined that the suspects stole the victim’s vehicle during the burglary.  The vehicle was located the next day in the 2600 block of 12th Street SE Washington, D. C. 

Man Who Tried to Install Computer Virus Sentenced

Man Who Tried to Install Computer Virus Sentenced

Montgomery County (AP)-Federal prosecutors say a man who tried to install a virus on Fannie Mae computers in Maryland has been sentenced to 41 months in prison.

Thirty-six-year-old Rajendrasinh Makwana of Montgomery County was sentenced on Friday. He was convicted of computer intrusion in October.

According to evidence presented at trial, Makwana had been fired as a contract worker at Fannie Mae's Urbana facility. Makwana programmed a computer with a malicious code that was set to spread throughout the Fannie Mae network and destroy all data.

Washington-based Fannie Mae is the largest U.S. mortgage finance company.

Montgomery County and Special Olympics Bring Varsity Bocce Ball to BCC

BETHESDA, Md. (WUSA) -- At 3:00 p.m. on a weekday afternoon the halls of Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School (BCC) are filled with students bustling from one activity to another.  The sound of sneakers squeaking on the gym floor echoes through the foyer and cheerleaders prepare for basketball games in the school's main hallway.  In the cafeteria, the solid "plunk-splat" sound of rubber balls hitting tile chime in to the after-school hum, as the members of the bocce team practice the ancient Italian game.

Montgomery County's 311 Online and Telephone System Reaches Six-Month Milestone

Montgomery County's 311 Online and Telephone System Reaches Six-Month Milestone

Survey: 72 percent of Users Satisfied or Extremely Satisfied

  Six months after Montgomery County’s 311 online and telephone information system launched on June 17, calls coming into the system continue to increase.  Call volume peaked in August with almost 57,000 calls received.  The 311 web portal, which allows residents to find answers and check on the status of service requests, has consistently averaged 25,000 views per month.

Wiki Leaks and Whistleblowers: Why Private Information Goes Public

Ask an average person to name a whistleblower and they’re likely to think of ‘private citizens’ like Erin Brokovich, Karen Silkwood, and Jeffrey Wigand or journalists like Carl Berstein and Bob Woodward.  These red, white and blue American whistleblowers have been portrayed in Academy Award-winning movies as admirable people who had the courage to reveal wrongdoing in workplaces and government agencies in a spirit of justice.  

But are there other motivations that drive people to release sensitive documents and information that bring down companies and governments?  I believe the answer is yes.  Fame is certainly a motivator...and so is vengeance.  Employers in the private and public sectors that stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the link between employee engagement and corporate security are likely to find themselves the victims of leaks. 

Tracking Snow Plows Online This Winter

Tracking Snow Plows Online This Winter

ROCKVILLE,  Md. (WUSA) -- Montgomery County officials today announced the launch of a new, online tool that will make it easier for residents to decide when to safely venture out following a snowstorm. 


The map tool will show the progress of snow plows throughout the County and indicate when emergency roads, primary neighborhood streets and neighborhood streets have been cleared. A zoom feature allows residents to focus on the plow status of their immediate neighborhood and surrounding streets and then zoom out to check on an entire trip route.

Alleged Thief Goes By The Same Name As Comedienne

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Police are on the lookout for an alleged thief that shares the same name as a popular comedienne, Kathy Griffin. But police say what she's doing is no laughing matter.

When she showed up at a Chevy Chase home whose owner rents a room, she'd already paid for a one-night stay. But, she had no luggage and asked about the alarm system.

"One thing I thought was strange because nobody's asked me that, right up front she said, will you tell me the security code?" said Helen Rudinsky.

Before the middle-aged brunette even stepped inside, she also seemed to know the floor plan.

"Well, she said what about this bedroom and that bedroom and I just thought, that's odd," said Rudinsky.