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5 Financial Tips Every Woman Should Know

5 Financial Tips Every Woman Should Know

When it comes to personal finances, some statistics surrounding women and their financial futures can be shocking. For example, the National Center for Women and Retirement Research reports that 75 percent of women are widowed at an average age of 56, and 25 percent of those women are financially broke within two months of being widowed. Further, they report that only 41 percent of women participate in the 401(k) plan offered by their employer, and 87 percent of elderly Americans in poverty are women.

Key Aspects for Living a More Resilient Life

As promised last time, I want to share some key factors in how to lead a more resilient life. Resilient people think differently. They use a set of skills, whether innate or learned, that allows them to persevere, to manage stress more easily, and to move through failure instead of getting stuck in it. Strengthening your resilience muscle will positively affect the quality of your life. The more you consciously choose to bounce back, the faster you will do so.

Here are a few factors to living a more resilient life: 

1) Have caring and supportive relationships within and outside the family. Relationships that create love and trust and provide positive role models offer encouragement and reassurance to help build a person’s resilience.

Two Public Forums on the FY13 Operating Budget Scheduled for Next Week

Two Public Forums on the FY13 Operating Budget Scheduled for Next Week


The following information was sent to us by Karen Falcon:


Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett is sponsoring two of five budget forums next week to seek input from residents about Fiscal Year 2013 operating budget priorities.

Governor O’Malley Accepts “PlanMaryland”

Governor O’Malley Accepts “PlanMaryland”


The following information was sent to us by Takirra Winfield:


Governor Martin O’Malley today accepted “PlanMaryland,” the State’s first long-range plan for sustainable growth, from Secretary Richard Eberhart Hall of the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) – achieving a vision first laid out by the General Assembly a half-century ago.

Time Management Tips & Techniques

As I promised here is the third of a series of three time management articles on managing your time and life. Good time management skills will allow you to be in control of your time and life, and your stress and energy levels. Here are several tips and techniques, plus a great exercise that will support you in getting things accomplished!

Tips & Techniques:

Managing Your Stuff

Ever think to yourself, I don’t have the time for managing my time? Of course, we all have! How do manage all your stuff? How do you decide what to focus on each day?

I have used a system that really helps manage my workflow at home and in the office. David Allen’s system in Getting Things Done has influenced the way I organize my life. Here are five steps that can help.

1. Collect: Everything that is incomplete that you have to do.

2. Process: What is it you have to do? Is it actionable or not? 

3. Organize: If it is a non-actionable item then either toss it, use a tickler system as a reminder, or store it as a reference item. If it is an action item ask yourself what the next action step is; second, what is the outcome or result are you committed to?